Tales of Azar: Karthen

Session 1: Immigration Island

New Lands, New Trials, New Comrades

Feburary 22nd, 565
The members of the party land on the Imigration Island. The island serves as a landing pad for anyone who wishes to immigrate into Daren, a nation of te continent of Karthen. Daren is the only nation that accepts immigrants from over seas, and as such is the beginning location for our heroes. The halfling on the run known as Willoughby Tosscobble, the recently overthrown Captian  named Jack, a Tiefling practitioner of mental magics named Malichai, and a dragonborn ambassador from Delah known as Toryn all join together with common goals in mind, make their way to Daren's Countryside. After helping a local town's priest in searching out evil spirits in his burned down chapel, the party is able to gain his recommendation to become true citizens of Daren.



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